Top 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in Goa for Holidays and Vacations


We bring you the Most Beautiful Top 10 Beaches in Goa for holidays, vacations and water sport. Most of the Goa Sea beaches are beautiful and exotic, Romantic and serene. Our list is full of most beautiful sea beach in Goa which are one of the best production of nature, where Sun, Sand and Sea meet up to commend their adoration. A place to feel flexibility, unwind and appreciate the each snapshot of life. These fascinating and exquisite Goa beach's are best for traveler. Cooking styles of waterfront zone are one of the best nourishments awesome, has an extremely rich culture as far as shorelines, regular magnificence and scenes. In case you're arranging a getaway in future, plan your visit to around one of these Goa Beach shorelines.

Goa beaches offer you a wonderful respite from the hectic life of various cities with the help of complete goa beach guide and goa beaches map. The blend of exotic and serene location lets you glued to it and enjoy to the fullest. North and south goa beaches sprawls over the coastline of 125 Km in Goa. Beaches in Goa lie in the northern zone as well as southern zone. There exist numerous stunning beaches in the northern part of this country. One would definitely love to explore each and every beach where lies the real charm of Goa.

Goa beaches do not need an introduction. The state is well known for its spectacular Goa beaches that are a major reason behind its successful tourism. Replete with swaying palms, food shacks, flea markets, water sports and nightlife the Goa beaches make for a perfect holiday. Covering almost 83% of the total coastline area of Goa the beaches in Goa offer everything that makes your vacation a memorable one. South Goa as well contains an array of splendid beaches that are flocked by a series of tourists and beach lovers from across the world. Tourism in Goa attracts world tourists and it is because of the beaches that it has acquired such significance.

This astounding beaches comes in at number one. The immaculate sand extends more till the horizon, smack blast amidst the shores, with completely clear waters ideal for water sports in Goa. It's the most scenic beach shoreline in Goa as indicated by group of tourist visiting the beach. With best views during sunrise and sunset you can witness a delightful exhibit of hues become known.

The captivating beaches of this country attract millions of local and foreign tourists throughout the year. Goa is home to both commercial and quiet beaches. The beaches in North are the commercialized ones which are known specially for their nightlife. The South Goa beaches are ideal for relaxing and just lazing around on the sun kissed shores.

These places are varied in nature and a visit here will expose you to the best beach in Goa for family and best beaches in Goa for couples. Goa's beachnik lifestyle is best experienced during the winter months between October and the end of February. The real essence of Goa lies in its rich history, unique culture and the original natural beauty. Peaceful Goan lifestyle and adventure sports also draw the attention of the travelers within and outside India. All kinds of tourists are expected to visit Goa.

Around the globe, Goa is eminent for its delightful beach shorelines. There are a beautiful part of shorelines in Goa and the vast majority of them are neat and serene. Sea Beach shorelines are abundant as well as of a generally high caliber and it brags a portion of the best shorelines on the planet. Tourism people keep their beaches spotless and garbage free. With such a large number of to browse, it's difficult to list the main 10 best sea beach shorelines of Goa. The accompanying are quite recently some of Goa's best shorelines.

Goan view can be best viewed while travelling on the bike. The Sandy beaches, coconut trees waterfalls truly add flavor to the goan natural view. Lush green fields, majestic forests train track, long roads and cool breeze make up for the perfect natural view. Tourist are offered water sports like surfing, para sailing waterscooter etc. these water sports add up towards attracting tourists to Goa.

Mandrem Beach Goa
Mandrem Beach

For beach lovers and beach bums, in Goa, Mandrem beach is a Man's Dream come true.

Agonda Beach Goa
Agonda Beach

Agonda Beach, a gorgeous three kilometer stretch of relatively pristine beach.


Candolim Beach Goa
Candolim Beach

The Candolim beach in Goa is a peaceful beach which is located quiet close to the Aguada beach.

Calangute Beach Goa
Calangute Beach

Calangute is the beach to which everyone heads for the moment they land in Goa.


Baga Beach Goa
Baga Beach

Baga beach is famous for its mesmerizing beaches all over the world.

Talpona Beach Goa
Talpona Beach

The Talpona beach is another haven in the hinterland of Canacona, South Goa..


Querim Beach Goa
Querim Beach

When you come to his peaceful beach to relax under tall pine trees and see some remarkable Goan building.

Kalacha Beach Goa
Kalacha Beach

Kalacha Beach is famous for its picturesque fresh water lagoon named Vagkolam or Sweet water Lake.


Arambol Beach Goa
Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach is counted among the best beaches of North Goa unexploited by the tourist

Ashvem Beach Goa
Ashvem Beach

Ashwem is famous for its rocky beach that has been shaped by shellfish, giving the rocks a unique shape.


Morjim Beach Goa
Morjim Beach

One can escape the hustle-bustle of city life and relax in the small huts at the Morjim Beach.

Chapora Beach Goa
Chapora Beach

Chapora Beach is a very beautiful, serence beach along with the cost line.


Vagator Beach Goa
Vagator Beach

Vagator Beach is the beach follows the rave culture with western backpackers all around.

Ozran Beach Goa
Ozran Beach

Ozran Beach is also known as Little Vagator situated in North Goa.


Anjuna Beach Goa
Anjuna Beach

Anjuna Beach in Goa is a perfect paradise for beach lovers.

Utorda Beach Goa
Utorda Beach

Utorda beach lies to the north of the famous Majorda beach.


Sinquerim Beach Goa
Sinquerim Beach

Sinquerim Beach happens to be the most famous tourist beach in North Goa.

Coco Beach Goa
Coco Beach

Coco beach is located at the mouth of the Mandovi river opposite to the Panaji bank.


Kegdole Beach Goa
Kegdole Beach

Kegdole Beach is one of the more secluded beaches of Goa wherein visitors who are looking for serenity are sure to find it.

Miramar Beach Goa
Miramar Beach

The Miramar Beach in Goa begins at the gulf and then culminates in the Emerald Coast Parkway.


Caranzalem Beach Goa
Caranzalem Beach

The Caranzalem beach is situated at about 4 kms from Panjim in between Miramar and Caranzalem.

Dona Paula Goa
Dona Paula Beach

Dona Paula beach has a jetty adjacent to it which is famous for the view that it offers of the Arabian sea.


Vainguinim Beach Goa
Vainguinim Beach

The Vainguinim beach in Goa is a quiet beach. The beach has an enormous stretch of seashore.

Bambolim Beach Goa
Bambolim Beach

Bambolim beach, like most of the beaches in Goa is at its best during the tourist season.


Siridao Beach Goa
Siridao Beach

The quaint Siridao Beach located a few kilometers from Panjim is distinguished as being a rocky and sandy beach.

Bogmalo Beach Goa
Bogmalo Beach

Bogmalo beach is a pleasant location that offers adventurous interesting activities to keep you busy.


Baina Beach Goa
Baina Beach

Baina Beach, one among the most gorgeous beaches of Goa, is situated in Mormugao

Hansa Beach Goa
Hansa Beach

Hansa is popular as an extremely clean beach owing to its secluded nature.


Hollant Beach Goa
Hollant Beach

Hollant Beach in Goa is one amongst the popular beaches of Goa which attracts many visitors every year.

Cansaulim Beach Goa
Cansaulim Beach

Cansaulim is a famous beach located at about 15kms. from Margao in the Mormugao taluka in south Goa.


Velsao Beach Goa
Velsao Beach

Velsao beach is famous for its large stretches of silver soft sands and picturesque sunsets.

Arossim Beach Goa
Arossim Beach

Arossim Beach is situated next to Cansaulim village, south of Velsao Beach towards south Goa.


Majorda Beach Goa
Majorda Beach

Majorda Beach is one of the most beautiful and admired beaches because of its location.

Betalbatim Beach Goa
Betalbatim Beach

Betalbatim beach is located to the north of the famous Colva beach. The beach is located at a distance of 5 kms.


Colva Beach Goa
Colva Beach

The Colva Beach lies about 6 Kms to the west of Margao and is the oldest, largest and the most spectacular beaches

Sernabatim Beach Goa
Sernabatim Beach

Sernabatim beach is actually an extension of the Colva Beach on the way to Benaulim. This beach is known for its cleanliness.


Benaulim Beach Goa
Benaulim Beach

Just 2 km away from Colva, Benaulim Beach is one of the ideal locations for the tourists seeking for serenity and tranquillity.

Varca Beach Goa
Varca Beach

Varca Beach is one most popular tourist sites in Goa. It is one of the most beautiful and exotic beaches of Goa


Cavelossim Beach Goa
Cavelossim Beach

This beach is very popular for its water sports activities. You can indulge in windsurfing, jet-skiing, speed boat racing, diving..

Mobor Beach Goa
Mobor Beach

The Mobor beach is a beautiful, tranquil and clean beach situated at the south of the Cavelossim beach.


Betul Beach Goa
Betul Beach

Betul beach is a small beach amongst the beaches of Goa and is situated along the southern end of the River Sal.

Canaiguinim Beach Goa
Canaguinim Beach

Canaguinim Beach is the last beach in South Goa. The beta version of the very popular Calangute and Baga.


Cabo de Rama Beach Goa
Cabo de Rama Beach

Cabo de Rama Beach is a beautiful beach located in Margao and is not yet been discovered by tourists.

Kakolem Beach Goa
Kakolem Beach

Kakolem beach is a tiny beach cove situated to the south of Cabo de Rama beach. It is one of the most secluded beach.


Dharvalem Beach Goa
Dharvalem Beach

Dharvalem beach is a small beach located to the north of Coco beach and to the south of Canaiguinim beach.

Cola Beach Goa
Cola Beach

Cola Beach is a stunning remote beach in Goa and among the most beautiful beaches in South Goa.


Palolem Beach Goa
Palolem Beach

Beautiful and colorful Palolem Beach, enwrapped by a thick forest of coconut palms towards the south of Goa.

Patnem Beach Goa
Patnem Beach

Patnem Beach is also known one the quietest place amongst all the beaches of south goa.


Rajbag Beach Goa
Rajbag Beach

Rajbag beach is a beautiful beach that lies to the south of Patnem beach.





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