Kondoi Beach Japan


Kondoi Beach in Japan

Kondoi Beach Okinawa and its shorelines are most traveled, Kondoi Beach is a preferred location for Holiday Retreat Travel Tour and Water Sport. Clean Sand and Epic view of Sunrise and Sunset on Kondoi Beach makes it a ultimate destination. Kondoi Beach has stunning shoreline comes in at number one. The unblemished sand extends is long and beautiful, smack blast amidst warm sun, with completely clear waters ideal for snorkeling. It's the most shot beach in as per Tourist Reviews. Water Sport on Kondoi Beach is renowned one. Featuring the longest stretch of sand on Taketomi Island one of the Yaeyama Islands and tranquil water with a smooth sandy bottom, Kondoi Beach provides a great swimming experience for everyone. In addition the beach is easily accessible from Ishigaki, with regular ferries departing every 30 minutes for Taketomi. An absolutely stunning beach.

The Kondoi Beach has crystal clear sea water plus the shallow gradient of the beach definitely made for a pleasant 'strolling' experience. Kondoi Beach is on a small island called Taketomijima, which located around 6km away from the west of Ishigakijima. Kondoi Beach preserves the pristine beauty of Okinawa; the waters are transparent clear, making the beach a miracle of nature. This amazing shorelines of Kondoi Beach comes in at Top Order. The faultless sand expands more till the skyline, smack impact in the midst of the shores, with totally clear waters perfect for water wears in Japan. Emerald green sea water shining between snow-white sand and cobalt blue sky. The contrast between these bright colors is really a miracle.

The residents, in a strong vote of civic pride, have banded together to preserve the culture of their island. You’ll find a cluster of houses with red-kawara roofs surrounded by hand-packed stone walls and tropical flowers and intersected by narrow sandy roads. Kondoi Beach is a bleached-white stretch of sand leading into warm, calm water. Aside from a small changing room and a few blue and white parasols, it’s undisturbed. The sea here is shallow enough to swim safely right out to the sandbanks, where the ocean turns a rich emerald green. Travel further around the coast and you might find some hoshizuna, made from millions of tiny star-shaped fossils.

You can go swimming during the high tide and it is safe even for children. In low tides, the beach is quite shallow but the water never recedes completely. Kondoi Beach is located on the westernmost of Taketomijima Island and it is a beautiful crescent shaped. The Kondoi Beach faced west, so the sunset here is especially beautiful. You can also admire the view of islands such as Iriomete-jima, Kuroshima, Kohamajima and Yaeyama. It's the most grand shoreline in Japan as demonstrated by group of vacationer visiting the Kondoi Beach. With best perspectives amid dawn and dusk you can witness a delightful show of tints end up noticeably known.

The most popular beach on Taketomi features beautiful crescent-shaped bay and shallow turquoise water. A lack of motorised transport adds to the laid-back feel on Kondoi Beach. You can hire bicycles or join the local people in a traditional taxi a cart pulled by water buffalo to explore the island. It makes an ideal day trip, but choose to stay on the island and you’ll have the beaches to yourself. With evening, the island pace slows to a standstill and the lights switch off one by one, leaving the island in an inky darkness. Venture to the beach and you’ll find it lit by starlight the streak of the Milky Way is a common sight.

If you walk toward South for 10 min, you’ll reach Kaiji Beach where star shaped sand can be found. As you can’t swim at this beach, so recommend come here before go swimming at Kondoi beach. The Kondoi Beach is beautiful and easy access, actually if you take a high-speed ferry and cycling from Ishigakijima Island at Yaeyama, you can get there in 1 hour. Around the world, Kondoi Beach is prominent for its delightful shorelines.

There are a lovely piece of shorelines in Kondoi Beach and most by far of them are flawless and quiet. Kondoi Beach are serene and in addition of a for the most part high gauge and it gloats a bit of the best shorelines on the planet. Tourism In charge keep their shorelines spotless and waste free. The beach has all necessary facilities: shower, toilets etc. You can rent parasols and there is an area for picnics. Definitely visit the beach if you are staying on Taketomijima or Ishigaki.

How To Get There :
Since Taketomijima is a very small island, access to Kondoi Beach is very easy. About 2.5 km from Taketomi Port, 1.5km from the village center. Walking is possible but renting a bicycle is recommended.